Research shows that people with goals have higher motivation, self-esteem, self-confidence and autonomy (Locke and Lathan, 2006), and research has established a strong connection between goal-setting and success (Matthews, 2015).

I want to EMPOWER you! So let's start at the beginning with your goals. Every year I help many young women plan and set goals. I have seen what works and some of the hang ups they face along the way. I want to share this information with you so you can create the best plan for your own journey.

What to Expect

In this FREE course we will go over:

  • Three goal setting strategies
  • Step by step approach to setting your personal goals
  • Eight most common hang-ups and how to overcome them
  • And more...


The workshop was fantastic! Really a great experience.

Everything really did make sense to me.


Definitely worth my time! Thank you for having me:) The biggest takeaway I got from the video was to set my goals and that failing is part of my growth.


I learned so much the will help me! My biggest take away was just learning and accepting that failure is in the process of accomplishing my goals and that "your why" is the most important thing in making and striving to achieve my goals.

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Hope is in the Plan

Goal Setting 101

In this course we will go over different goal setting strategies, how to develop your own goals and how to hold yourself accountable. You have nothing to lose!